• BOOX POKE2 ebook Reader ONYX BOOX 6" Poke2 e-book ereader Bluetooth&WiFi Touch e-ink Carta Screen Android Freeshipping
  • BOOX POKE2 ebook Reader ONYX BOOX 6" Poke2 e-book ereader Bluetooth&WiFi Touch e-ink Carta Screen Android Freeshipping

BOOX POKE2 ebook Reader ONYX BOOX 6" Poke2 e-book ereader Bluetooth&WiFi Touch e-ink Carta Screen Android Freeshipping

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  • 6 inch and 300 ppi - the highest resolution E Ink display, readable directly in the sunlight without glare and you can read hours without eye strain.
  • Brand new frontlight technology, with two light hues (warm and cold), can be tailored to the level where your eyes feel most comfortable with.
  • Upgraded quad-core processor shortens book loading and screen response time.
  • Full screen touch ndash manages your Poke2 at your fingertips easily.
  • Professional 6ldquo eBook readers with over 20 formats supported.
  • Better power management system results in longer battery life

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Recent Reviews ( 5 )
I recommend this Nova 2 if you aren't satisfied with Kindle like I am or are looking for a great note taking and drawing device on a e-ink display. (oh one odd thing, if you press the shift key once it stays on until you hit the shift key again, a bit annoying)
I'm a bit nerdy so I have a chess app and Sudoku installed, again this is something I wish Kindle e-readers had, I want to be able to draw and take notes, and this is one of the main reasons I switched to Boox. Along with that you can install almost any app you want. I like having a calculator on the odd occasion I need one along with a calendar etc. Oh and one other thing I wish kindle devices had, you normally would have to close a book go back to the home screen and select another book. So switching back and forth is a little slow. On this Nova 2, you have tabs of books like a browser, and can quickly switch between two books or PDFs. Maybe this is unique to me but reading a textbook and then switching to a PDF of solutions or notes or a schematic for a circuit is nice feature. And when reading a book for document if you don't want to write on the page, you can split the screen and take notes on the side without having to close the book and open the note app. Another great thing I wish Kindle would do is this; I have over a dozen PDFs on my Kindle and they all show a generic Icon for the cover of the PDF, so you have to read all the titles to find which one you are looking for. But on the Boox it takes the first page of the PDF and puts it as the Icon for it, this is very nice!
10 out of 5 stars. Highly recommended.You can now borrow e-books from your library and read it on Kindle!I hope this helps and if it did, please click on the helpful button below!
I held on to my first-gen touchscreen Kindle for a long time because the Paperwhite and Oasis upgrades had more features than I need and often were poorly reviewed. So I jumped on this new lighted version of the basic. Pleasantly surprised with the lighted screen, battery life (I read in Airplane mode), and smaller overall size with the same screen size. If you’re looking for a way to carry your books with you everywhere you go, this is the best deal.
As far as the actual devices goes, it is a nice size, capable of shoving into a small pocket in a bag, and is easy for me to palm and hold in a variety of ways. It is extremely light, and I could easily hold this for hours. The touch screen is responsive and flipping pages is easier and faster than I anticipated, while also avoidable when just holding the Kindle to read. I was hesitant about the lack of physical buttons, and although I still wished they were present (e.g. on the sides), I lack no confidence that they will soon be forgotten. Since I read a good bit of technical books, and like to take notes, I was wondering how well this would function. Although typing up paragraphs would be challenging, I was pleasantly surprised with the responsiveness. I will probably leave shorter notes and markers on my Kindle and elaborate more when on a computer or tablet. Although it is certainly not a smartphone or computer, it superseded my expectations.